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I am the summons

I am the call

The body, the spirit

Awakened in all

The Shaman’s Call, Eldersong

Emer is passionate about community, creativity and  well-being. For her these come together in ceremony and ritual.  Her own journey has been through catholicism to agnosticism to a non-religious, non-dualistic spirituality which embraces the  infinite, universal, unnameable divine in everything.

Ceremony and ritual are vital for individual and collective well-being. Because many people no longer adhere to a particular religion doesn’t mean we have lose the gift of sacred ceremony. Rather it creates an opening for us to reclaim the birth right of all human beings – to be creators of our own, rituals and rites of passage, to embrace the sacred in ourselves.

Emer celebrates weddings and rites of passage such as coming of age, healing and remembrance  ceremonies.

Each ritual is unique and she will always meet with people in advance to co-create the ceremony with them, including the interplay of different elements such as music, poetry, light, space, rhythm, symbolism and the spoken and sung word. She believes in welcoming all the religious and non-religious traditions of participants in any ceremony so that the sacred space can truly an opening for deep listening, respect and unity.

Stillness are nature are vital gateways to spirituality for her, as expressed in one of her poems:

In the Stillness

There is a peace I treasure

More than my own life

All the madness disappears

And there is only

The deep breath in my body

The one that connects me

To the Earth’s core