About Emer Dolphin


Emer Dolphin  holds an MSc in Education and Training Management. She is well known as a Facilitator and Training Consultant  in the community and public sectors in Ireland where she has worked for over 30 years.

Emer has trained with the following organisations and teachers:

  • UCD BA Hons and H Dip Ed 1979
  • Maynooth Post Grad Dip in Adult and Community Education 1987
  • DCU –MSc in Education and Training Management 2000
  • IMI – Project Management
  • Chloe Goodchild graduating as a Naked Voice facilitator in 2004
  • Dunderry Park Transpersonal Centre – Basic and Advanced Shamanic Training
  • Kim Rosen’s Poetry Depths Mystery School – ongoing
  • Nick Twilley’s The Art in Listening – ongoing
  • Tantra Maat Agency of Creation – ongoing
  • Landmark Education – Curriculum for Living graduate
  • Art and Conflict – 10 week course in use of Forum Theatre to transform conflict
  • Art and Young People – Joli Bertoli, Art to Heart
  • AWARE – Beat the Blues Trainer and Life Skills Cognitive Behaviour Programme Trainer
  • Zestlife – Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 2014
  • College of Sound Healing UK – currently completing training as a Sound Healer
  • Capacitar Ireland –  Foundation Certificate in Wellness Education 2015


The focus of Emer’s work is to generate new cultures that support trust, wisdom and well-being, at individual, organisational and community level.

She is passionate about the power of creativity to clear the mind, heal the body, free the spirit and nourish the soul. She loves to work creatively using art, poetry, visualisation, drumming, movement, and ceremony.

Emer runs groups, programmes and workshops in:

  • community development and community leadership
  • community arts especially using voice, music and movement
  • team-building and organisational development
  • mental wellness and community well-being,
  • community ritual including weddings and rites of passage
  • voice-work and healing

Her clients include

  • Individuals and couples
  • local community based groups
  • local and regional development structures
  • County Councils and Government Departments
  • National statutory and voluntary organisations


Emer has recently produced Eldersong her first CD of her own songs which come to her from the land and the ocean, from trees and sky, and from the power of emotions resonating through her own Soul.

Her highly original sound carries a lineage of ancient longing and wisdom infused with the resonance of loving Eldership.

Emer runs voice  regular workshops  called ‘The Healing Voice’. She believes that:

Our sound is the simplest and most ancient of all the sources of our creative power.

Something healing and magical occurs when we reconnect to this source and

find the sound of our own heart and soul.

The Healing Voice Workshops are for anyone interested in voice and sound as a source of courage, fun and power.  It makes no difference whether you have or haven’t previous  experience of singing or music!

Participants are introduced to The Naked Voice methodology of sound and voice developed by

internationally renowned singer and composer  Chloe Goodchild.  The workshop includes singing, silence, movement and play as well as reflection and discussion.

Emer especially welcomes those who long to sing and those who think they can’t sing.